Braemar Baptist Church


A Christmas Production

by Candyce A. Petersen

Saturday December 16, 2017

It’s Christmas Eve and Laurel is waiting for her father to return from work. It’s taking so long that Laurel finally falls asleep, dreaming about heaven-a place run much like her father’s office. Here at Paradise’s corporate headquarters, Michael “Archie” Angel is busy finalizing plans for the arrival of the Savior’s son, but things aren’t going well. Among other things, frugal Hal A. Leujah, Paradise’s accountant fears bankruptcy, especially after hearing Gloria’s plans for the birthday extravaganza at the Jerusalem Ramada! Adding to the confusion is slick Harold-the talent scout, aggressively promoting his latest acts. Imagine Michael’s dilemma when a newly-arrived mortal informs him that none of these plans are what the scriptures foretel! And the Lord’s only instruction to Michael is “K.I.S.S.” What could He possibly mean? A light-hearted comedy that will leave your audience simply delighted as well as being greatly reminded about how the Lord intended us to celebrate the birthday of His son.

This year’s play will take place in our sanctuary with refreshments to follow in our fellowship hall. Join us for an evening of fun in celebrating the spirit of the season!

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